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a Hands-on, high-traffic exhibition

Yawkey Gallery on the Charles River is the most centrally located permanent exhibition at the Museum of Science, Boston. We worked with the exhibit development team to create an exhibition that highlights how the engineered and natural worlds are intertwined. Visitors engage with hands-on, water-based, interactives, and also practice their observations skills while looking out the three story windows onto the Charles River, and at aquaria featuring river animals.

In this exhibition we:

Designed the look and feel of all the graphics

Created original illustrations to engage visitors while interacting and observing in this exhibition

Art-directed photography and videography

Created interchangeable graphics for dynamic content

Developed tactile graphics to engage a wide range of visitors

Created assets for animations


Exhibit Labels

We created original illustrations for these instructions because it improves the visitor experience for everyone, but especially for young learners, English learners, and visitors with varying cognitive abilities. Also unique about these instructions is the use of the engineering design process instead of a numbered order. By doing this, visitors have the ability to choose their point of entry, even though there's a suggested start for those that prefer that structure. We also incorporated "extra challenges" labels for visitors that prefer a more scaffolded experience.


photos of the exhibition


Design Detail

The primary purpose for the animal labels in this exhibition is to facilitate observation. Using the photograph as a highlight in specific areas, drawing the eyes to that content first. When only using photography for animals on exhibit, there's the possibility that visitors will look for that exact animal in the photograph, and may not focus in on specific content.