Colorbox helped us design a beautiful and easily digestible report for our 2018 aggregated data. When we delivered our data to them, it was messy! We were dealing with thousands of data points from 10+ museums and multiple comparative analyses, but Colorbox helped us organize the information in an attractive and understandable way. They even helped us with last-minute printing so we could have the reports ready for our booth at a big science museum conference. Without Colorbox, we might have been lost in spreadsheets forever!
— Alex Lussenhop, Museum of Science
I’ve known and worked with them for years.

Over time, I’ve come to realize what makes them special among graphic designers. Any competent designer can make an attractive, readable display. But what they do is not simply graphics; it’s information architecture.

I collaborated with them on an interactive exhibit for toddlers. The information for the display had to be made clear in brief text and iconic images. They did a brilliant job conveying the point of the exhibit in a single panel.

I cannot more highly recommend Colorbox Industries.
— Bill Rogers, US Naval Academy Museum
Working with Colorbox has been a pleasure. Twice they have created fantastic materials for multi-institutional projects—each covering complex content with tight deadlines and multiple clients. In all cases, they delivered on time with a reasonable budget and the work was fantastic. The folks at Colorbox are creative, great to work with, and highly responsive!
— David Sittenfeld, Museum of Science
Colorbox Industries helps us to make our message more clear and compelling with smart and aligned designs. Collaborating with them is a cinch.

— Rachel Romano, Veritas Prep Charter School
They take the info you provide, ask all the right questions, and produce materials that are beautiful, functional, and exceed expectations.

Colorbox helps me bring focus to my message but just as importantly, they create visually inviting materials that guarantee my message will be delivered.

They listen and always put the customer first without sacrificing any creativity or ingenuity.
— Heather Amsden, Amsden Consulting
Colorbox Industries has allowed my marketing clients to transform their brand identities. Their approach to creating visual communications is up-to-date, cost effective, and works across digital and print formats.

You should consider Colorbox Industries for your next project!
— Emily Robertson, Gore Place
Colorbox helped us work within a tight timeline to produce a GORGEOUS visual report that we were able to share with hundreds of our stakeholders at a conference—they even hand-delivered the print batch! More than 8 months later, we’re still getting requests for additional copies.
— Ryan Auster, Museum of Science
Emily and Malorie are helpful, engaging and energetic design/communications professionals. They are able to transform the subtle into the tangible; the unseen into the seen. Their design aesthetic is crisp and compelling. We loved working with them and are now repeat customers many times over!
— Amy Riedel, Golden Ball Tavern