Our services


Exhibitions & Interactives

We work closely with museums, helping them develop a strategic graphic approach that focuses on the visitor experience. We’ve worked on everything from individual components to 12,000-square-feet exhibitions, from conception to final print production. See example gallery.



Print Marketing

We want to help you get your message to your audience. We can do that with print pieces such as brochures, posters, invitations, flyers, or unique alternatives that we can collaborate with you on. See example gallery.


Presentations & Reports

We’re experts in presenting content in approachable ways by using imagery, data-vis, and infographics. After you've done the work collecting and analyzing data, drafting presentations, or writing about your organization, we can help you put it all into a format that people will want to read.
See example gallery.



Logos & Identity

Every organization needs a well-designed logo that clearly communicates who they are. We will guide this collaborative process from concept development to final logo files, as well as style-guide deliverables and collateral. See example gallery. 



We design affordable websites that look great on both desktop and mobile platforms that cater to you and your audience's needs. By using Squarespace, it is easy for you to update your site with new content anytime. See example gallery.


Interactive PDFs

We can help you transform your clunky Microsoft Word forms or workbooks into sleek, easy-to-use PDFs that your clients or students can fill out with no special software required. See example gallery.