Fundraising one-pager


It’s not easy to sum up an entire non profit organization in one page, but that’s what we attempted to do for SCS Noonan Scholars. They needed a one-page description of their organization to hand off to potential donors at meetings and other events. It needed to be easy to scan through and get the relevant facts: the program details and results, the timeline over a scholar’s experience in the program, and the demographics and financials.

Our task was to organize and lay out this information in a way that presented a clear hierarchy, was easy to navigate and appealing to look at. We divided the page up into sections that contained the various types of information, and made everything that we could visual. For example, the demographic numbers are shown in graphs, and the timeline is represented by a vertical series of text blocks connected by arrows. Our goal is to make reading the document intuitive and enjoyable.

Malorie Landgreen