Rise & Shine


Project Hope Boston hosts an annual fundraising breakfast celebrating the amazing work they do. We had the honor of working with them to develop the design of this year’s event materials. We created a logo for the event that can be used from year to year, and suite of invitation materials for this year specifically.

They wanted the Rise & Shine logo to include the sun as a design element, and to have a feminine feel while not deviating too far from their brand. We designed the type so that the stem of the R connects with the sun, and chose a script font for “Rise” to give it a friendly feel, while using a more substantial, bold sans-serif for “Shine” to ground it.

This event is specifically highlighting women in their programs and in the community, so we determined that an ambient watercolor would be appropriate for a background because it has a feminine feel. The simple design of the logo allows it to work on a variety of backgrounds, so in future years we can to replace the watercolor with a different background to give it a fresh look without having to redesign everything from scratch.

Malorie Landgreen