Science center study


Data rich, multi-page report

We created this 24-page aggregated data report from two-years of multi-institutional science center visitor data for the Collaboration for Ongoing Visitor Experience Studies  (COVES). This report was created to help emphasize the COVES mission of creating a collaborative museum community by better understanding and improve the visitor experience.

We closely collaborated with the COVES governing body, who provided the content and data. Together we critically examined the data and decided how best to visualize it throughout this document in a consistent and understandable way.


Examples of spreads


Visualizing data for all audiences

This report is available to anyone who may be interested in visitor data at science centers, and we didn’t want to assume that all of the readers were well versed in complex data analyses. Prior to reaching the data, we included a page to help readers interpret the data to follow.


design Detail

One particularly innovative design element in this report is the Net Promotor Score (NPS) side band. Throughout the group-comparison spreads, the NPS score range runs along the entire height of the page, allowing this data to be easily compared from page to page. The average score across institutions is a larger black dot so that it stands out.