working with us


Free Consultation  


For new clients, we offer a free phone consultation to learn about your project, see if it's a good fit and explain our process.


Estimate and Approval


We provide a cost estimate for the project given its scope and complexity. Client reviews and the work starts once the estimate is approved.


Initial design phase


This is where the real fun begins!  We start researching and brainstorming initial concepts for the project. Research can include client conversations, competitor analysis and lots of Google-ing. Once we narrow down our ideas, we'll be ready to present to the client (that's you!).


Walkthrough & Client Feedback


We will present our ideas to you and explain our reasoning and thought process. This is when we get to collaborate, including incorporating your initial feedback and comments.


Design Phase


This phase is custom for each project. Depending on the scope, there will be a variation in the number of check-ins and iterations. 


Final Asset Hand-off


Once the design phase has concluded, final approvals will be made and assets (printed, digital, etc.) will be provided to the client.


Let's do it again!