Amplifying the Massachusetts Food is Medicine Plan


We had the opportunity to collaborate with Community Servings and the Center for Health Law and Policy Innovation at Harvard University on a one-page visual summary of the recommendations section of the Food is Medicine Massachusetts State Plan.

One of their project goals was to “Develop a strategy to increase access and capacity of Food is Medicine interventions to meet need”. They did this, but still had the challenge of how to communicate those findings in a simple and approachable way to their audience.

We worked with them to create a one-page visual summary of their “Roadmap for Change”, which includes five distinct steps. To create this graphic, we talked with them about their ideas, read the full “Recommendations” section of the report, and synthesized all of that information into this one pager.

We were thrilled to see the plan released today (and our one-pager blown up to poster size!) in front of a huge crowd at the MA State House, and excited to see the changes take shape in the coming months.

Emily Marsh