Crystal Bridges Reports

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visual one-pagers

We created a series of one-pager summaries of data from a one-year visitor study conducted at Crystal Bridges (an art museum in Arkansas). These were distributed to the staff at Crystal Bridges, to help them understand their visitors better and make adjustments to programs and exhibits accordingly.

We closely collaborated on these with their Manager of Research & Evaluation who designed and ran the study. Together we studied the data and decided how best to show it in each instance.


Examples of Reports


Motivations one-pager explained

This one-pager was a particular challenge because we had to incorporate many layers of information in an easily approachable and understandable way. For each "motivation" group—we needed to show what percentage of the total they represented, a description, a visitor quote, and in various categories, if they were outside of the statistical norm. 

We accomplished this by creating a neat grid where the colors assigned to the columns help you know that you should be reading up and down rather than right to left. The blocks of color draw your eye to the important points in the grid where that group is an outlier—the crucial take-away from this particular report.


design Detail

Here's an example of a visual (in this case a map) used in one of the reports to explain their categories of museum visitors (National, Arkansas, Touch County.