Red Panda Forest Exhibition


REd Pandas: unique animals compared

We designed the graphics for the new Holtzman Wildlife Foundation: Red Panda Forest exhibition at the Detroit Zoo. This exhibition focuses on teaching visitors about red pandas, through the similarities they share with animals they’re commonly compared to: raccoons, red foxes, and giant pandas.

For this exhibition we

Collaborated with the Curator of Exhibit Design at the Detroit Zoo to create the graphics for this exhibition.

Designed the layout, hierarchy, and illustrations for all of the graphics.

Provided initial designs for prototyping.

Provided print ready files to their preferred printer.


exhibit labels 

We use photography and illustrations to capture the attention of zoo goers, and to provide information at a glance. The animals themselves are the main attraction, and want visitors to be able to engage with the red pandas on exhibit while getting all of the information needed to learn about what makes these animals so unique.

By focusing on visual information sharing, this also allows a wide range of visitors to engage with the graphics—particularly young children, english learners, and visitors with cognitive disabilities. Image heavy graphics are also useful for when the animals are hard to see or off exhibit, giving visitors many opportunities to see and learn about these adorable animals.


Design Detail – Making comparisons


This exhibition is all about making comparisons between red pandas, who are “in a family all their own,” and animals that they’re commonly compared to: raccoons, red foxes, and giant pandas. Making it clear that the red pandas are the primary focus of this exhibitions, while using the similarities between other animals as a teaching tool, was our primary focus while designing these graphics. One way that we addressed this is by using these crests.